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Hi, I’m Lucy, I am a qualified Personal Trainer and my role at Mindful Fitness London is what I like to call a Spiritual Personal Trainer. I believe that the body and exercise is inseparable from the mind and soul. This belief is what led to the development of my method of training ‘Mindful Fitness,’ which originated when I first started my business while living in Sydney, Australia.

The Mindful Fitness method integrates mindfulness practices into every day fitness classes with the aim of creating transformational shifts in the mind, body and soul! Meditation is regularly used at the beginning of the sessions to set an intention and connect the body to the mind and soul. I am passionate about getting people moving, while teaching them about mindfulness and meditation. Why? Because I can honestly say that these things transformed my mindset and my life!

My vision is to help companies transform the health, wellness and mindset of their employees to make it easier for people with busy lives to make health and fitness a priority by solving that age old problem of “I don’t have time.I want to help you make incredible shifts in your business by focusing on what’s most important – the people!

While living in Australia, I ran my classes in some beautiful outdoor locations, inspiring gratitude and a strong connection to nature. Now residing in London, despite being far from the beach, my concept remains the same.

Our mission

Our mission is simple, to transform the health, wellness and mindset of employees to create incredible shifts within their lives and the companies they work for.

Our essence

Our philosophy is based on the importance of physical, mental and spiritual wellness in the workplace, and the elements that we believe make this all possible including gratitude, self-development and mindful movement and stillness.

Our promise

Here at MF London, our vibe is peaceful yet energetic. We emanate positive energy and inspire gratitude!  

We empower your business and the people that make it so special!

Our vibe

Wellness Guru

Lucy Haynes

A guru of all things fitness and mindfulness, Lucy teaches strength, meditation, and yoga and is an expert in tailoring wellness programs to suit the needs of your business and the people that make it so unique.

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