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Everything we do at MF London is built around the following principle – “Your inner world creates your outer world.” This is the purpose of all the services we offer. We offer fitness classes with a difference, which aim to help your employees work on their inner selves, their mindset, beliefs, health, wellness and personal development.

Yoga and

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Invigorated, calm, focused…everything you need for a productive and satisfying workday. Mindful Fitness brings creative yoga flows and peaceful meditation to your office or a nearby outdoor space.

Kick start your day with clarity and focus or top up your afternoon motivation with a strength boosting workout. Empowering your body, mind and spirit!

Better leaders, inspired employees; a workforce fuelled with ambition, that lives every moment with purpose and focus. A combination for success! Mindfulness is our passion and our vision is to make it yours.

about me

Lucy Haynes

Hi, I’m Lucy – a Spiritual Personal Trainer. I created Mindful Fitness to help people change their lives through health and mindset, in the same way that I changed mine. I believe that everything starts with you and your relationship to your body, mind and soul. By focusing on these things you can create incredible shifts in all areas of your life, including your career, your business and your relationships!

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Get inspired by our blog and learn how to live your happiest, healthiest and most mindful life! Find tips and techniques on holistic health and nurturing your mind, body and soul.  

Andrea Casey

I really enjoy Lucy's classes! They're such a relaxing way to wake up (I love the morning ones!) I've never meditated before but Lucy makes it so easy and approachable.

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